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MON-FRI CHILD/BABYSITTER available 6 am - 6 pm. Please call 785-241-3439

425 JOHN Deere riding lawn mower. 54”cut, excellent condition, (785) 566-8334, (785) 418-6248.

SPRING GARDENING - Sweet onion plants, strawberry, plts, asparagus, bulk garden seed, tomatoes, peppers & more! Sand Creek Nursery 242-5195

NEW LIFE In Christ Church offers music lessons. Kids to grandparents. Keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, vocals. Proceeds toward community projects. 504 N. Oak. Call Pastor Jerry, (785) 214-3015


COMPOSTED HORSE Manure, garden-ready, $10 per ton + $2 per mile delivered from Central Hts. (785) 869-2345.

ROTARY TILLING, David Wells; (785) 241-9293.

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TFN Shopper Gen. Svc.

TFN Shopper Gen. Svc.

Displaying 1-11 of 11 ads

TFN Shopper Gen. Svc. TFN Shopper Gen. Svc.
TFN Shopper Gen. Svc. TFN Shopper Gen. Svc.

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