Friday, December 19, 2014

City touts blood drive success

By The Herald Staff | 2/19/2014

A community blood drive in Ottawa netted twice as many units of blood as anticipated, organizers said. And Ottawa city commissioners played a role in that larger turnout.

All five commission members, as well as some city staff, gave blood to the Community Blood Center blood drive Feb. 11 at Ransom Memorial Hospital, 1301 S. Main St., Ottawa, Richard Nienstedt, city manager, said during the city commission meeting Wednesday morning.

Blood drive organizers were anticipating 23 units of blood but collected 51 units, Nienstedt said. The blood directly benefits patients at Ransom, organizers said.

Sara Caylor, mayor, Linda Reed, city commissioner, and Nienstedt related accounts of family members who had benefitted from receiving blood transfusions.

Reed, who also is the laboratory director at Ransom, said she was grateful to all the donors and proud of the city workers and commissioners for giving blood to the drive.

For several weeks before the drive, the hospital had experienced difficulty getting units of certain types of blood, Reed said in an email, citing harsh winter conditions that had forced some blood drives to be rescheduled and some collection centers in the region to temporarily close their doors.

That shortage was one of the reasons Reed said she was appreciative of the larger turnout Feb. 11. She and Nienstedt reminded people to give blood when they have the opportunity.

“I think people forget sometimes how important it is to give blood,” Nienstedt said. “I’m pleased to report the commission had 100 percent participation [in the drive].”

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