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‘I can’t imagine why anyone would kill my friend’

By DOUG CARDER, Herald Senior Writer | 3/10/2014

Though it happened 10 months ago, Jerett Jones said he still has nightmares about losing his friend.

Andrew Stout, 30, was killed along with three other people last spring in rural Ottawa.

Though it happened 10 months ago, Jerett Jones said he still has nightmares about losing his friend.

Andrew Stout, 30, was killed along with three other people last spring in rural Ottawa.

“If I could jump in the DeLorean and go back and save Andrew’s life, I would,” Jones, 34, Ottawa, said in reference to the time machine in the 1985 “Back to the Future” film. “I didn’t sleep at night for about three months, and I’m still having nightmares.”

Jones, who details cars, performs collections and other jobs for a living, talked about his friend as the preliminary hearing for the 28-year-old Ottawa man accused of the quadruple homicide begins this morning in Franklin County District Court, 301 S. Main St., Ottawa.

Kyle T. Flack faces charges of capital murder, first-degree murder, attempted rape and criminal possession of a firearm in connection with the deaths of Stout, Kaylie Bailey, 21, Steven White, 31, and Kaylie Bailey’s 18-month-old daughter, Lana Leigh Bailey. The bodies of Kaylie Bailey, Stout and White were discovered May 6 and May 7 at 3197 Georgia Road, west of Ottawa. Lana Leigh Bailey’s body was discovered about dusk May 11 in rural Osage County by an Osage County Sheriff’s deputy.

Flack was arrested by Franklin County Sheriff’s officers May 9 after being apprehended in Emporia. He is being held in Franklin County Jail on $10 million bond.

Flack and Stout knew each other growing up, Jones said, and had been on friendly terms. Flack was protective of Stout, Jones recalled. Jones said he and his friends are hopeful the truth will come out during the court proceedings.

“I can’t imagine why anyone would kill my friend,” Jones said, “or an 18-month-old baby, for that matter.”

Some people have painted the wrong impression of Stout, Jones said.

“Andrew was not into drugs, and he was not a negative person,” Jones said. “He was very uplifting. If you were having a bad day he would pick you up.”

Once Stout literally picked up Jones, a big man of 240 pounds, while the pair were completing some brick work on the Stout family’s farmstead where the bodies were found.

“I threw out my back, and Andrew picked me up and carried me,” Jones said.

Stout was in love with Kaylie Bailey and wanted to marry her, Jones said.

“When you find true love, nothing else matters, and Andrew was in love,” Jones said. “Andrew was trying to raise Kaylie’s baby and give her a good life.”

Jones and Stout had helped each other through some difficult times, Jones said. One of the low points in Stout’s life was when his then-fiancee, Sky Cadarette, was accidentally shot to death at a party in 2009 in Ottawa, Jones said.

Despite the tragedy, Stout still cared about people and he could put everyone in a good mood just by being around them, Jones said.

Jones misses his friend every day, he said.

“When I heard a body had been found at the farm, I said, ‘Lord, please don’t let that be my friend,’” Jones said, fighting to control his emotions. “I feel lost without my friend.”

Some of Stout’s hobbies included playing Frisbee golf and all types of video games, Jones said.

“The last time I saw Andrew he was playing Frisbee golf in Kanza Park [in Ottawa],” he said.

Flack’s preliminary hearing is expected to last two days, beginning today. Vic Braden, Kansas deputy attorney general, Stephen Hunting, Franklin County attorney, and James Ward, assistant Franklin County attorney, are prosecuting the case for the state. Ronald Evans, a Topeka-based court-appointed lawyer, is handling Flack’s defense. District Judge Thomas H. Sachse is presiding over the case.

A preliminary hearing is a proceeding to determine if enough evidence exists to require a trial. If Judge Sachse determines there is sufficient evidence to believe the defendant committed the crimes, Flack will be bound over for trial.

Jones, who plans to be at the preliminary hearing, would not speculate about who committed the murders, but said he wants to see justice served for his friend.

“Andrew was an angel in every respect, except for the halo and wings,” he said.

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