Thursday, December 18, 2014

This week in Ottawa History, April 2014

By LOUIS REED, Local Historian | 4/2/2014

April 2014

• Every post office in the United States will be kept busy for the next 15 days in order to obtain data for the post office department in Washington on the parcel post business. This is being done to determine the limit that should be set on the weight and size of the packages. The limit weight when the parcel post was first established was 11 pounds. This was raised to 20 pounds, and finally to 50 pounds, which is the present limit. Practically all packages mailed in Ottawa are less than 22 pounds.

• The biggest crow ever to attend a meeting on a local issues was present in spite of the threatening weather last night at the courthouse when F.M. Harris, candidate for mayor, Dr. Rolvix Harlan, dean of Ottawa University, and District Judge C.A. Smart spoke on the local campaign. About 200 men and women were there. Mr. Harris drew loud applause when he spoke against the present form of city government, which was changed a year ago.

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