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Eight candidates vying for city seat

By The Herald Staff | 5/3/2013

The election might be over, but the race is back on.

Eight candidates have applied to fill the Ottawa City Commission seat vacated after Jeff Richards’ resignation last month. The application deadline was 5 p.m. Thursday.

Rocky Fleer, Helen Hood, Richard Jackson, Ruthanne Wasko, Gary Jordan, Shawn Dickinson, Barb Humm and Rick Johnson applied for the post, which would be a nearly two-year term.

City commissioners are expected to begin interviewing candidates Monday. An appointment could be made as early as May 15.

Richards was re-elected to the post in the April 2 election. The city commission voted April 17 to accept his resignation from the city position because Richards had been sworn in as Franklin County’s new sheriff April 10. According to state statute, Richards could not hold both positions simultaneously, city officials said previously.

Fleer and Hood both were candidates in the April 2 election, but neither garnered enough votes to win a seat on the commission.

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