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Two bodies discovered, sheriff’s office probing

By MEAGAN PATTON-PAULSON, Herald Connections Editor | 5/6/2013

Shona Osladil said she’ll never be able to get the image out of her head.

Osladil, 22, Ottawa, said she was with two friends at about noon Monday when she stumbled upon a dead body, covered in a tarp, in a garage at 3197 Georgia Road.

Shona Osladil said she’ll never be able to get the image out of her head.

Osladil, 22, Ottawa, said she was with two friends at about noon Monday when she stumbled upon a dead body, covered in a tarp, in a garage at 3197 Georgia Road.

“Like the picture of her face, of her jaw, it’s in my face,” Osladil said. “I can’t get it out of my head, like it’s stuck in there.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene at 12:16 p.m. Monday after receiving a call from an individual reporting a body had been found at that location, Jeff Richards, Franklin County sheriff, said at a press conference late Monday night in front of the sheriff’s office, 305 S. Main St.

“Deputies did respond,” he said. “They assessed the scene and then secured that scene so we could obtain a search warrant. Immediately we did put out a call to the Ottawa Police Department, who assisted us with resources of personnel and equipment, and the Kansas Highway Patrol who assisted us with personnel, as well as a helicopter.”

After the initial search and the execution of a search warrant, Richards said, two bodies were located on the property.

“We are investigating a homicide at this point,” Richards said.

Richards said information about the victims — including gender, identity and how they were related to the property — was unknown late Monday night.

“This is a very young investigation,” he said. “We’re early on into this. It’s very fluid and so a lot of our information is very limited at this time.”

Grisly discovery

Osladil, however, along with her two friends, Corey Schlotzhauer, 26, Ottawa, and Kortni McGill, who all were on the scene when the body was discovered, say authorities know more than they’re saying.

Schlotzhauer said the residence was that of Andrew Stout, who had been missing since late April. (According to the Franklin County Appraiser’s Office, the property — 3197 Georgia Road — is owned by Jackson Anderson of Galveston, Texas.) Schlotzhauer said he was feeding Stout’s animals Sunday when he, McGill and Osladil smelled something foul.

They called authorities, who responded, Schlotzhauer said, and broke a window of a home on the property, as well as briefly searched the grounds.

The officer on the scene, Schlotzhauer said, told them it smelled like trash and left.

The trio of friends left the scene but returned Monday out of suspicion that the smell was something more, and ended up discovering one body inside a garage, they said.

Osladil and McGill said they were looking around the trunk of a car inside a garage on the property, when they saw something covered by a blue tarp, which was also buried under a table.

“We thought it was sand bags at first,” Osladil said.

Then she saw a cinder block located toward the top of the tarp and bent down to remove it, she said.

“I bent down and picked it up, and I said (to McGill), ‘Oh my God, please don’t tell me that’s teeth,” Osladil recalled. “And she said, ‘Yeah, that’s teeth.’”

Osladil said the body looked like it had been decaying, but she identified the body as Kaylie Bailey, formerly Kaylie Smith, 22, of Ottawa, who was reported missing this week.

On the end of the tarp opposite of the cinder block, there was a bag of baby clothes, Osladil said, as well as a child’s sleeping bag. The trio also reported they had found a clean pair of baby socks in the driveway Sunday.

Schlotzhauer immediately called 911, he said. Schlotzhauer said they did not find any other bodies on the property, but speculated the other body found was that of Andrew Stout. Stout had a relationship with Bailey, Osladil said, adding that Bailey has a 1 1/2 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

According to Herald archives, Stout previously was the fiance of 19-year-old Sky Nicole Cadarette, who was killed July 10, 2009, in Ottawa. Mark Aaron Sherman, then-24, was convicted of shooting and killing Cadarette during a night of drinking and gunplay. He was sentenced to five years in the death.

Osladil attended school with Bailey, and the two graduated from Ottawa High School in the same class — 2009.

Schlotzhauer said he was good friends with Stout, and it wasn’t like him to “just disappear.”

The trio said they were upset with authorities for not doing a thorough search the first time.

“They didn’t even find the body,” Osladil said. “We found the body within five minutes of being in the garage, and they didn’t even walk into the garage long enough to look for a body, so we’re a little irritated.”

“I was very unsatisfied with the way they handled it,” Schlotzhauer said. “I mean, that’s my friend, and I don’t appreciate people being disrespectful like that.”

Ongoing investigation

Because of the size of the scene and complexity of the case, Richards said Monday night, the sheriff’s office reached out to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, which has sent crime scene investigators to assist as well.

“And we have activated the major case squad to assist with personnel,” Richards said. “We will be activating that at 9 [a.m. Tuesday] morning, and we will start with a briefing here at this location at 9 o’clock in the morning.”

Richards requested anyone with information on the case call (888) 311-TIPS, or send a text to 274-637, and with the keyword, “Franklin.”

Stephen Hunting, Franklin County attorney, also spoke at the Monday-night press conference, expressing appreciation for the different agencies assisting.

“Today there has been a tremendous amount of cooperation among all the different agencies, and from our vantage point, it appears that the investigation has certainly benefitted all of that work,” Hunting said Monday.

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