Monday, December 22, 2014

ASK JODIE: Eisenhower Road bridgework at I-35 still on schedule

By JODIE GARCIA, Ask Jodie | 6/25/2014

QUESTION: When did the bridge at Eisenhower Road close, and when will it open again?

ANSWER: ’Tis the season for road construction, and Ottawa is no exception. Work on the Eisenhower Road bridge/overpass at I-35 began in February. Crews are working to address issues related to the formation of potholes.

Donna Schmit, construction engineer with the Kansas Department of Transportation, tells me that completion and reopening of the bridge is still on track for August, though a more specific date was not provided. Until then, Eisenhower Road drivers will be diverted on 23rd Street, U.S. 59 and Kingman Road, and I-35 traffic should use Exit 183, Schmit said. Schmit also said I-35 traffic in both directions has been and will be restricted to one lane for some remaining periods of the project.

If the summer road construction in Kansas is getting you down, take a page from my book: Turn up the radio, wave at the construction crew and be thankful it’s not you working on the roadway.

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