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Authors gathering Friday at Pomona library

By ABBY ECKEL, Herald Staff Writer | 7/31/2013

POMONA — A local author wants area residents to meet his literary colleagues.

Ten of Dave Burns’ fellow authors are gathering 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Friday at the Pomona Community Library, 219 Jefferson St. Burns, an assistant librarian, is organizing the event.

“We’re trying to give an opportunity to get some exposure in the community and do more community events [at the Pomona library] and around town,” Burns said. “We’ll have some goodies like cookies and drinks, things like that.”

Local authors — including Burns, Randy Attwood, Jim Butler, Dr. Bud Gollier, Wilma Powls, Lora Reiter, Veda Rogers, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Bessie Pruett Sleichter, Becky Tucker and Cliff Wright — plan to sell and sign books at Friday’s event, Burns said.

The author gathering is just one of several projects Burns is brewing at the Pomona library.

“I’ve been hired on to bring about some more events in the area and in the community,” he said. “We’re starting a creative writing program [at the library] for school-aged children. We’re just adding onto what we’re doing for the Ottawa Writers Guild.”

Burns said he hopes to have the library play host to more events that shed light on local artists and authors, as well as provide a place for them to showcase their work.

“My hope is to do an event per month and do some readings from local authors and local artists could bring in their work and just have that continued opportunity,” he said. “A lot of community members don’t know about opportunities going on in their community or about local authors, artists and others right here in their backyard.”

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