Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mold forces EMS relocation

By The Herald Staff | 8/14/2014

Mold damage at a Franklin County Emergency Medical Services’ ambulance station is forcing the workers to temporarily relocate until the contamination is remediated, county officials said Thursday.

“ ...  Because employees have been experiencing symptoms, it would be best if a temporary relocation could be arranged (in spite of the virtually normal air quality sample result in the family room),” Susan Flappan, MS, CIH, said in a release from the Franklin County Health Department.

The mold was identified recently during renovation at the ambulance station, 219 East 14th St., Ottawa, according to the health department.

To determine the level and degree of contamination, Flappan Consulting, Overland Park, was retained to perform a mold survey of the building.  Results of the survey concluded that significant mold contamination existed in the living quarters of the building, radio room ceiling, and two of the three HVAC systems, the county said.

Based on the consultant’s recommendation, EMS and fire department employees temporarily have been relocated to Ottawa Fire Station No. 1, 720 W. 2nd St., Ottawa.

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