Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today in History, December 1913

By LOUIS REED, local historian | 12/18/2013

• Ottawa is not going to secure the extension of the Strang interurban line — unless there is unison among the farmers, businessmen and other citizens of Franklin County. It is going to be a hard fight, and the Strang line will go where there are the best inducements. Miami County will be one of the strongest contestants for the line and businessmen of Osawatomie and Paola have said to Ottawa businessmen that they will not see Ottawa and Franklin County get the line without making a very strong effort to land it for themselves.

• Representatives of Centropolis, a railroad-less Franklin County town, conferred with W.B. Strang and other officials at Olathe today in the hope of securing the line through Centropolis. This would give direct connection to Ottawa from Centropolis and would also afford exit to Baldwin and Kansas City.

• Elisha Ball, charged with maintaining a house for purposes of concubinage, was bound over to the January district court last night.

• President B.F. Bush of the Missouri Pacific will be visited in St. Louis in January or February by a party of Ottawa businessmen who will ask for the construction of a new passenger depot for Ottawa. This was decided upon last night at the meeting of the Retail Merchants.

• Of the 341 automobile and 51 motorcycles in Franklin County, which are licensed, there are 53 different varieties of the automobile and 15 of the “pop pop.” There are always twice as many Fords in the county as there is in any one other make of car. The total Ford representation is 81, while the Overland runs second with 43. The Buick is third with 28, and the Studebaker ranks fourth with 25. There are 13 E-M-F cars and eight Flanders.

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