Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kids get creative with Christmas confections


[Editor’s note: Kindergarten and first-grade students at Central Heights Elementary School, 3521 Ellis Road, Richmond, provided The Herald with their favorite Christmas recipes.]  

• Gingerbread cookies — Chocolate, eggs, dough, chocolate chips, cookie dough, peanuts, frosting, bread. You have cookie cutters, you push it on the dough. You cook them, then eat them with frosting and chocolate chips. — Macy

• Christmas brownies and candy canes — Put crumbs in a sack, shake it up, put in a pan and cook it. — Katie

• Candy canes — Candy is inside candy canes. I think you probably add baking soda. You mix them, put it in the oven until it’s warm enough to eat. The I think you eat it. — Jenna

• Gingerbread cookies — Chocolate, cake and frosting. Put it in the oven and frost it. — Reece

• Candy canes — You make them with milk and red milk and they’re done. — Lillian

• A cookie house — Chocolate, white roof, red and green windmill, yellow windows, brown walls. Build it into a house. — Kaiden

• Cookies — Milk, sugar, cookie dough. You put it in a cupcake pan, put it in the oven, cook it for 41 minutes. — Tyson

• Christmas cookies — Milk, batter, green color. Mix, bake in oven, let cool, then eat. — Brayden

• Chocolate chip cookies — Chocolate chips, mixing powder, eggs and milk. Put it all in the bowl, then you stir and put spots on the tray, cook them in the oven for three minutes and then eat them. — Ashley

• Candy canes — With peppermint, sugar, milk and made with love. — Ava

• Candy canes — Candy, sugar. It’s magic. — Brylan

• Cupcakes — Buy a box of cupcake mix. You add sugar and milk, blueberries. Then you put the wrapper in the pan. Pour the mix. You cook them then you frost the cupcakes. — Kreig

• Pancakes — Eggs, bacon, fries together. Cook in the stove, so hot it burns, put frosting on them and eat them. — Tristan

• Oreos with milk — Crackers, frosting, chocolate. Mix crackers and chocolate and make into circles. Put frosting between two circles. — Bryson

• Cookies — My favorite treat is cookies. I have to get some cookie dough, then I have to put it in the stove. — Jenesis

• Cake — My favorite food is making Jesus’ birthday cake. Use eggs and flour, mix it up, put it in the pan. Put in the oven. — Katie

• Hot chocolate — My favorite food for Christmas is hot chocolate. Got it from the store. — Cody

• Candy canes — I like my colored candy canes. And blue candy canes they taste like raspberries and blueberries. — No name

• Candy canes — Use food coloring for the stripes. Use lots of sugar. Put in watermelon. — Parker

• Candy canes — White, red, yellow, orange, green, chocolate and blue. You cook them and you make them solid. Then make them chocolate, then eat them with milk. — Riley

• Pizza — Get some dough. Put cheese on it. Bake it in oven. Yum yum. — Peter

• Cookies — My favorite treat is cookies. Cut it out then bake it, then add sparkles, then frosting, then eat. — Cooper

• Gingerbread men — Eggs, dough, cookie dough, crumbs, gingerbread, sugar. Mix it all together, put on sugar and icing when it’s ready to make face and eyes. Then you eat it. — Jack

• Chocolate chip cookies — Buy the cookie dough and it has to have chocolate chips in it. Then you squish the cookie dough down. Then you put it in a bowl, then you add the chocolate chips. Then you put it in the oven. Then they’re ready to eat. — Jenna

• Cake — Strawberries, eggs, milk, dough. Put everything in a bowl, mix it together, put it in the oven, take it out and eat it. — Kamberlyn

• Peanut butter balls — My favorite treat is peanut butter balls. Peanut butter, put rice crispies in it and mix it up and smash them in with the rice crispies, then roll into a ball. — Bryce

• Cake — My favorite treat is cake and cookies. Dough, chocolate, bake, done. — Gracie

• Green bean casserole — My favorite food is green bean casserole. You put green beans in it, she puts it in the oven so it can cook and she takes it out. — Layla

• Gingerbread man — Put milk, sprinkles in a pan. Bake it for 10 minutes. — Brian

• Santa cookies — Icing, baking soda, sugar, candy, chocolate, cookie dough, chocolate chips. Make the cookie dough then cook it. Then ice it. Put the chocolate chips on it. Then put it on the plate and eat it. — Arabella

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