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Daily Report for March 12, 2014


Hospital Notes


Hospital Notes


• Monday: Geneva Roecker, Ottawa.

• Tuesday: Wanda Altic, Ottawa.

Franklin County Jail

Police Department Arrests

• 11:21 a.m. Monday, 200 block of South Main Street, Walter Lewis Tegtmeyer, 64, Ottawa, on suspicion of possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

• 10 p.m. Monday, 700 block of South Oak Street, James Curtis Lee, 44, Ottawa, on suspicion of domestic battery against a family member.

• 1:39 p.m. Tuesday, 200 block of West 10th Street, Paul Howell Terrell, 49, Ottawa, on suspicion of threatening a 27-year-old Ottawa man and a 24-year-old Ottawa woman.

Police Department News


• 7:44 p.m. Monday, East Sixth and Burroughs street, officers discovered a person seriously injured after being hit by a vehicle. Later, a subject that had been forced into a vehicle returned to the scene. Two subjects fled the scene and are still being sought by police.


• 2:20 p.m. Monday, 700 block of North Oak Street, a 42-year-old Ottawa man reported an unknown suspect has stolen his identity.

• 1:18 p.m. Tuesday, 1200 block of South Hickory Street, a 71-year-old Ottawa woman reported the theft of an item from her yard.

• 1:55 p.m. Tuesday, 900 block of Hanes Drive, a 20-year-old Ottawa woman reported the theft of an item.


• No time given, Tuesday, 900 block of North Cherry Street, a vehicle driven by John Kossuth, 67, Ottawa, struck a vehicle driven by Sheryl Fratiello, 49, Ottawa.

Wellsville Police Department News

• Monday: 200 block of Edgewood Drive, recovered property; 700 block of Main Street, public assist.

• Tuesday: 300 block of Main Street, suspicious vehicle; 200 block of Edgewood Drive, trespass complaint; 300 block of Walnut Street, noise complaint.

Fire Calls

Ottawa Fire Department

• 6:22 a.m. Monday, East Wilson Street and North Bennett Road, firefighters responded to a grass fire.

• 4:50 p.m. Monday, 833 N. Oak St., firefighters responded to a brush fire.

• 7:44 p.m. Monday, 601 S. Burroughs St., firefighters responded to a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident.

• Firefighters assisted with 10 medical calls Monday and Tuesday.

Franklin County Fire Departments

• 1:57 p.m. Monday, 4406 Ellis Terrace, firefighters responded to a grass fire.

• 5:56 p.m. Tuesday, 1891 Montana Road, firefighters with Ohio Fire Department responded to a grass fire.

• 6:20 p.m. Tuesday, Allen and Iowa roads, firefighters with Ohio, Richmond and Williamsburg fire departments responded to a grass fire.

• Firefighters assisted with one medical call Monday.

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