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Who has been the Royals’ most valuable player during Kansas City’s 2014 World Series run?

  • Nori Aoki (23)
  • Billy Butler (16)
  • Lorenzo Cain (6)
  • Wade Davis (17)
  • Jarrod Dyson (1)
  • Alcides Escobar (2)
  • Brandon Finnegan (27)
  • Alex Gordon (4)
  • Jeremy Guthrie (11)
  • Kelvin Herrera (40)
  • Greg Holland (56)
  • Eric Hosmer (35)
  • Omar Infante (14)
  • Mike Moustakas (8)
  • Salvador Perez (13)
  • James Shields (33)
  • Jason Vargas (51)
  • Yordano Ventura (30)

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Death Notices and Obituaries

The Ottawa Herald will publish a free death notice for persons who:

  • Have lived in Franklin County or within The Herald's distribution area.
  • Or, who have immediate family in the area.

Who are immediate family members?

Immediate family members are members of the nuclear family — parents and children, including step-children and step-parents and grandparents and step-grandparents.

What is included in a free death notice?

  • Name, age and town of the deceased.
  • Date and city of death.
  • Date and place of birth, in addition to parents of the deceased.
  • Service information.

How do I publish a full obituary?

Families, working with their funeral homes, may choose to publish expanded information and formats for paid obituaries within the bounds of taste and publishing law. Such obituaries are published at the rate of $9.18 per column-inch. A member of The Ottawa Herald staff will work with families' funeral directors to determine appropriate charges. A one-half column photo or a patriotic flag graphic is an additional $10 charge each.

Can I publish an obituary online and in print?

Yes. All obituaries are published in the print edition of The Ottawa Herald first. All are then published on The Ottawa Herald website at Obituaries with photos include online publication of the photo in color at no additional cost.

All deaths and obituary information must be provided by, or confirmed by, a licensed funeral home.