Thursday, August 21, 2014


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  • Thanking Stottlemire 8/11/2014

    In the past year, I’ve personally learned first-hand how much time goes into serving in public office. During this time, Don Stottlemire has bee ...

  • Who’s to blame? 8/6/2014

    As the saying goes, “We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is us.” I have decided after watching the past six years of politics, that quot ...

  • Legalize it 8/6/2014

    Silver Haired Legislative representatives from across Kansas passed — by more than a two-thirds majority — a resolution urging the Kansas ...

  • Price to shelter 8/6/2014

    [The following is a response to a July 8 Reader Forum submission, “What taxpayers need to know about Prairie Paws,” by J.E. “Jim” Trendel.]  Shame on you. Were you at the Franklin County Board of Commissioners meeting when the comment was made about it costing more to shelter an anim ...

  • Stand behind Finch 8/1/2014

    My family and I have recently returned to Kansas after leaving for a decade or so, and have chosen to make Ottawa our home. When our state was so sham ...

  • Disappointed in Roberts 8/1/2014

    If one is tired of Washington’s dysfunctional, often corrupt ways, how much sense does it make to re-elect a man — Pat Roberts — who ...

  • Who is the Kansas Values Institute? 8/1/2014

    During the past several weeks, the Kansas Values Institute, a (c)(4) group based in Topeka, has been sending tens of thousands of dollars of mail on b ...


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