Monday, July 28, 2014


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  • Stop to help 7/28/2014

    A few weeks ago in the Walmart parking lot, an older woman fell. A young lady with her was trying to help her up. But sometimes it takes more than one ...

  • Uplift our district 7/28/2014

    There at least three types of people with whom we must interface with in some way during our lifetime: those who do nothing at all; those who drag oth ...

  • Pomona Library 7/25/2014

    Timing and teaming go well together. Especially when you consider the new Pomona Community Library. With various fundraisers, grants, gifts and consid ...

  • Earning my vote 7/25/2014

    In my 35-year career providing services to people who are intellectually and developmentally disabled (I/DD), I have interacted with many legislators. ...

  • Primary is important 7/25/2014

    As the Aug. 5 primary election approaches, a few points should be considered. Too many people think primaries are unimportant, but that simply gives m ...

  • Keep Finch going 7/23/2014

    The voters of Kansas House District 59 are fortunate to have a legislator as skilled and knowledgeable as Blaine Finch. Finch, a well-known and talent ...

  • Brownback’s GOP insults older Kansans 7/18/2014

    Republicans for Kansas Values, a group of more than 100 Kansas Republican officials, endorsed this week the election of Paul Davis and Jill Docking th ...


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