Thursday, December 18, 2014

Help hospital prepare for real emergencies by giving blood


At least three fatalities occurred this week as a result of the severe winter storm that literally blanketed the area in ice, snow and extremely cold temperatures.

The Kansas Highway Patrol confirmed the deaths of three people ranging in age from 58 to 67 in two wrecks in Harvey and Crawford counties. Hundreds of other wrecks occurred throughout the state with weather cited as a significant factor in the collisions, requiring hospitalization of victims. When incidents of this nature occur, and victims are taken to hospitals, everyone naturally expects the hospital to have ample blood to treat those needing it. Unfortunately, the need for blood has reached critical condition too.

Ransom Memorial Hospital, 1301 S. Main St., is suffering from a severe shortage of blood units and needs donations now. Canceled blood drives, as a result of the bad weather, have worsened an already dire situation. By the time this winter storm concludes, the hospital might have as little as just one day’s blood supply available. If that pace is maintained, it isn’t sufficient to support those scheduled for surgeries nor any emergencies that might occur. Clearly blood usage outpaces donations, and that creates an impossible situation.

This is a situation that easily can be turned around.

Make an appointment — over the phone at (785) 229-8323 or online at — to donate life-saving blood during the Community Blood Center’s blood drive 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday at Ransom Memorial Hospital’s conference room. If you aren’t sure what time you can arrive to make a donation, just walk-in during the blood drive. Better yet, bring a family member, friend or even an entire group of people. Some people have never donated blood simply because they’ve never been asked. Ask them to help in an important way that doesn’t take any money out of their pocket yet can make a big difference for someone else.

Though O Negative and B Negative blood types are needed most, all blood types are welcome. Preparing for emergencies becomes second nature to many people when the weather takes a dangerous turn. Help our hospital prepare for its own potential emergency situation by donating blood to help others Tuesday. Be the ultimate emergency responder and make a habit of donating blood so no one has to go without the life-preserving gift of blood.


— Jeanny Sharp,

editor and publisher

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