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ASK THE EBAY QUEEN: How do I handle this eBay shipping pain?

By SUZIE EADS, Ask the eBay Queen | 2/28/2014

Dear eBay Queen: I am a mother and a full-time student. I sell things on eBay to make a little extra money. The opportunity arose to sell my kids’ iPad, after they once again, did not get the grades we agreed to this semester. It was in good, used, working condition. The guy who won my auction seems to sell refurbished iPads and other Apple products. He’s been a pain in the behind since the second he won it. 

After he paid, he messaged me every day asking if I shipped it. (Which really isn’t what bothered me.) He paid on a Monday and asked on Tuesday if I would be shipping it. I answered no because of having a late class. I told him I would ship it Wednesday. As I was getting ready to ship it Wednesday, he asked again, and I answered, “Yes, I’m on my way to the UPS Store now.”

Since this guy was such a pain, I made sure I got delivery confirmation, insurance, and had the item marked as fragile, even though the UPS Store packaged it up pretty well. The day after I sent it, he messaged me again, asking if I’d shipped it. I said yes, and he told me I was lying, and that he would know because he’s a PowerSeller (this is only my second month selling), and asked again when I would ship it. I told him I had the proof of shipping and that the tracking information was available. 

He didn’t write back for a while. Until today, when I received this email:

“I hate to tell you this, but the box was delivered Monday and the box is crushed. I opened the box, and there’s a problem with the iPad. The currier put a sticker on the package (received in damaged condition), so you have proof. I guess you need to file a claim with UPS. Please advise me what to do. I do know that to file a claim we can’t ship it back until UPS tells you what to do with it. They might send a shipping label to have it shipped to them or the insurance won’t cover it.”

I have absolutely no idea what to do. The guy just opened a “not as described case against me” and PayPal has pulled the money out of my account! Please help. — Alex

Dear Alex: Do you have your buyer’s phone number? If you do not have it, contact him through eBay and get it. That will be one of the things UPS needs to process the claim. Once you have the buyer’s phone number, call the UPS Store. Give them the tracking information, and ask what you should do from this point. I’ve not ever had the UPS Store package an item for me, but when you call UPS yourself to start a claim, the company will ask for the tracking number and the buyer’s phone number. They normally will call the buyer and pick up the damaged item (along with the packaging), and then several weeks later send you a check, if they find that you packaged the item correctly.

If you had the UPS Store package and send your item, I’m pretty sure it was wrapped well. I have a friend who works at a UPS Store and they are professionally trained to ship items.

Once you’ve started the claim with UPS, you’ll need to respond to the eBay SNAD claim. I would say something like this:

“I am so sorry UPS was less than gentle with your item. I had this item professionally wrapped at the UPS Store. I cannot believe it arrived broken. I have contacted UPS, and they will be picking up the broken iPad and all of the packaging. Please make sure you have all the packaging along with the iPad. Once UPS has the item, they will evaluate the packaging and send out a refund check within one to three weeks.”

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Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email the eBay Queen

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