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ASK THE EBAY QUEEN: Where did my eBay package go?

By SUZIE EADS, Ask the eBay Queen | 4/18/2014

Dear eBay Queen: A customer opened a case against me today (without contacting me first) for a book that I sold him and mailed on April 7. Tracking says it was delivered on April 10, but he says he never received it. The book was only $8.99 with free shipping. I sent it Media Mail in a padded envelope. Ironically, the title was: “How to Buy, Sell & Profit on Ebay.” How can he open a case if it shows delivered? His message to me through the case:

“Just to let you know for your information, the book I purchased from you has been delivered but not to me. The USPS. tracking number said it was delivered on 4/10. Still haven’t received it? I am on the phone with the local post office to see where it is. They said there was no address on the package?”

I am wondering if there is anything I can do from my end since he has already contacted his local post office. I am also wondering how the post office knows there was no address on the package and how it could have already been delivered if that were the case? I don’t know what to do! — Leslie

Dear Leslie: I’ve always wondered why eBay allows a case to be opened when the item shows delivered through tracking. I’ve had this happen a few times. Each time, I called eBay and the case was closed in my favor. I did, however, contact the buyer and try to work with them. In this situation, I would contact your buyer through the case messaging system. I would ask them for the location or name of their post office, so that you could contact them yourself. I would also ask if they contacted their neighbors to see if they had received the package by mistake.

eBay will close this case in your favor, as it shows delivered. I suspect your buyer is confused when it comes to the address not being on the package comment. If they respond and give you the information for their post office, I would contact them and ask if they are familiar with the package.

Dear eBay Queen: I have a question for you. Do you make your customers pay return shipping for your mistakes?

Here’s the background information for the reason I ask this question. In doing my annual sock drawer upgrade to 2014 socks, I ordered $100 worth of socks on Amazon because it was easy. I ordered all the same size/color so I never have to “match” socks. Amazon is out of my size, so I went with a seller instead. Fast forward two weeks later: Three of the four packets are the wrong size. Argh. No return label in box or on their info page, and the Amazon Return Policy page isn’t much help either. After doing a little research, I figured out I have to go to Amazon and “request” a return. Then the label they send me to says I have to pay for the shipping. I hop on a chat with Amazon rep and he forced the seller send me a pre-paid label. I was just curious how much of a pain this was going to be to return $100 worth of socks, so I’m taking notes.

Amazon gave me $10 credit because their seller was a slacker and could take up to two more business days to respond to their screw-up email.

I wonder how much of my life this will take up? — JP

Dear JP: When we make the mistake, we pay the return shipping, however we do not issue return shipping labels. We do refund the shipping after the item is sent back, though. I think it is important to offer good customer service all the time, not just when we, as sellers are wrong.

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Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email the eBay Queen

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