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LIBRARY LINE: Marching into summer with ants

By LEANNA HETH, Library Line | 6/20/2013

How many librarians does it take to get ants back into an ant farm? The answer is two. The directions said to give them some fresh air. So we did. It was not good. Cyndi does not like ants because they work together and that makes them creepy. Our ants are Carpenter Ants, and they do bite and it does hurt.

The library is the “happening” place to be. We have been very busy with the start of the summer reading program and are thrilled with the number of children who have signed up. Now to get on my soapbox. It is great to sign up — it is even greater to read, come back, get a prize, then read some more. Our numbers for the start of the summer are great. I’m hoping that the numbers for those who complete the program are just as great.

Cyndi and I have some kind of program going on almost every day. We’ve made Hypertufa pots with the teens and had two Entomology classes. Milford Lake staff brought prairie dogs, and we will be starting our “Kids in the Kitchen,” which is being brought to us by Harvesters.

One of the great things about summer is we get to know more children better. We also become acquainted with what kids read. I’ve tried to order books that have been requested. Right now, I have a whole list of new books I want to read. Let us know what you like. We will try to get those books for you if at all possible.

So summer is off to a great start. We’ve seen lots of children and already done some fun activities. Now if we could just teach those ants to shelve books.

Leanna Heth is a librarian in the children’s department at the Ottawa Library.

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