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ASK THE EBAY QUEEN: Is everyone right about eBay screwing sellers?


Dear eBay Queen: I sold an item 10 days ago, and have run into an issue with the buyer. She returned the item using the “hassle-free return program” saying that she changed her mind. When I received this item back, it had significant damage. After multiple calls with eBay I was told not to refund the buyer and that she was not entitled to a refund.

OK, cool. eBay sided with a seller.

Fast-forward to today: The buyer opened and escalated an eBay Money Back Guarantee case today saying that the item was “Not as Described” and eBay sided with her! The company refunded her almost $250, which I am required to reimburse them for. All those posts I see on Facebook and other social media sites are correct; what a fool I am to ever think otherwise! Once again, eBay is siding with its buyers and doesn’t care that the seller got screwed.

eBay will not protect you, no matter how well your bases are covered. The rep told me eBay has no “faulty return” protection. So, to clarify, if you accept returns, you will accept them in any condition. No matter what condition a buyer returns an item in, that’s A-OK with eBay; just send that refund! The eBay rep refused to let me speak to a manager, or anyone above him, which just makes me even madder.

I am so disgusted with eBay, its horrible policies, and its questionable business practices right now! What do you think I should do? — Angry Nebraskan

Dear Nebraskan: Are you saying the buyer opened the case and on the same day escalated it? There normally is a five-day waiting period before a case is escalated. Did you respond to the case and upload photos of how the item was not sent back in the condition you sent it in? If none of these things were done, I would immediately call eBay, and in a calm respectful manner explain to a representative what happened. Tell him or her the dates you spoke to customer support and what was said. If the case was escalated before the five days, I would respectfully demand an explanation for that also.

Your other option is to contact Griff, the dean of eBay education. You can email him at or call into his eBay radio show and ask a question. Go to  

I hope this is resolved for you.

Dear eBay Queen: I’m not sure I like the new standards eBay is imposing on us; I really need to stay on top of things, I guess. Although I am still projected to be above standard, and I’m assuming keep my “Top Rated Seller” through August, a couple things are bugging me. Particularly when I set a package out to be picked up, sitting on top of the mail box, the carrier brushed it aside to deliver the mail. I ran it up to the post office and it was still not checked in more than four hours later. And that’s not to mention the “ding” I took when I apparently mistakenly canceled a transaction months ago from a buyer who won an auction but said he couldn’t pay. I should have just waited I guess and/or reported him; instead I canceled and made a second chance offer. Now that shows as a “defect.” Is there anything I can do about this? — Todd W.

Dear Todd: I completely agree. This new defect rating has a lot of issues and truly is not ready for roll out. I would call customer support and ask someone to remove the defect where the buyer didn’t pay. You should not have received a defect for that, unless you accidently selected the wrong reason. If that is the case, eBay should still remove it.

When it comes to the shipping label, as long as you’ve printed your label in time, the package only has to be scanned in once along the way at some point. It doesn’t have to be scanned within the one-day time period, so you’re good!

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Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email the eBay Queen

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