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ASK THE EBAY QUEEN: How do I fight words of eBay haters?

By SUZIE EADS, Ask the eBay Queen | 8/7/2014

Dear eBay Queen: Have you experienced people calling you names or being called un-educated because you sell on eBay — maybe even by a significant other, parent or colleague? We moved two years ago, and I wanted to be at home for my kids to transition into first and fifth grades. My dad lost his leg, and had a shoulder replaced, so I needed to earn money without going to a “real job” every day. I suffer with daily pain from carpal tunnel and joint pain from early arthritis. I’m afraid to leave my flexible schedule of eBaying. When my kids need me, if my dad needs me, or if my hands hurt, I can help or handle any problems or issues without worrying about leaving a job.

My ex-boyfriend has been really negative to me when it comes to my eBay business. Here’s the thing: he lives off the government, mooches off of all of his friends, lies, cheats and borrows before he would even attempt to go to work. My sister also is critical of me. She tells me I’m an idiot for doing this, but my kids are happy, my dad is doing well, and we are supporting ourselves. How is that stupid? — Big Dummy

Dear Big: Good thing that guy is an ex! I’ve learned you just can’t expect everyone to understand eBay. eBay can be and is a full-time job for lots of people. I’ve heard people think some eBay people are unethical because they buy things at a low price, and sell it for more, but isn’t that what Walmart does? Isn’t that what all stores do? 

When I meet people, I usually don’t volunteer the information that I sell on eBay — not because I am embarrassed, but because I don’t want to hear some of the negative things people have to say about how I earn a living. There is no shame in buying low and selling high! I like to think I offer a service. I am searching or shopping for the item they want, or need, so they don’t have to! 

Don’t let the negative people get you down. Keep on selling and meeting the needs of your family!

Dear eBay Queen: I bought some Bvlgari sunglasses on eBay for my birthday. I thought I got a deal for $75 plus shipping on an auction. Got the glasses yesterday, and they look so cheap and the case was a vinyl pouch. I swear they are fakes, but I’ve never bought that brand before, and the seller doesn’t offer returns. What, if any, advice do you have for me? — Gemma

Dear Gemma: The first thing I would do is go to the mall or store that sells Bvlgari sunglasses. If you go to the store, ask them if they are fakes, and how to know if they are authentic. If you are like me and live out in the middle of nowhere, here is an eBay how-to:

If they are not authentic, I would message the seller first and let him or her know the sunglasses you received were not authentic Bvlgari, and you would like a refund. I would tell the seller you know authentic Bvlgari sunglasses have these qualities (like the store told you), and you would like to return the item for a refund. 

If the seller does not respond within 48 hours, or says you cannot return them, open a case immediately. Make sure you state the reason you know these items are not authentic, and you would like to return them for a refund. Do not threaten feedback; just stand your ground. If your seller does not respond, or offer the refund, escalate the case.

Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item No. 331231750766. I found this strange, bronze desk bell on eBay. It is definitely a unique piece. “RARE 19th Century Victorian Bronze on Coconut Desk Bell.” It sold for $2,156.11 at

Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email the eBay Queen

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