Thursday, November 27, 2014


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Community Databases

The University of Kansas' Institute for Policy & Social Research monitors, collects and sorts mounds of data about our Kansas communities.

This includes information about Franklin and surrounding counties and most area towns. Readers of can use these resources to find more information about the towns they live in, towns they came from or towns they may be moving to.

You can click one of these two choices:

Ready-to-read profiles of our communities
Under the KU Entrepreneurship Works for Kansas Initiative, IPSR publishes a summary report (formerly known as KCCED County Profiles) containing population, socio-economic and employment data for each Kansas county. Note: These profiles are in PDF format which requires a free Acrobat reader, available from Adobe or other sources.

Build your own statistical chart
Design your own table, trend graph, bar chart, map or table. Animated maps and animated "bubble plots" are available for county data. Just click the boxes and follow the instructions to make your own.


Should big box stores open on Thanksgiving?

  • Sure. Bring on the holiday shopping!
  • Definitely not. Workers deserve a day off, too.
  • I don't care either way.